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Information regarding COVID-19 provided by Directorate of Labour. Employee’s reduced employment ratio and quarantine payments.

Managers are responsible for informing employees about the company's contingency plan and what rules apply to their operations during the Covid-19 outbreak.

Handwashing is important. Managers should ensure that all employees have easy access to hot water and soap, hand wipes and disposable wipes.

It is important that managers encourage staff to look after themselves and stay at home in case of illness.

Employees who may have underlying problems and are therefore particularly vulnerable should inform and consult their managers to find out how risk at the workplace or at home can be minimized during the outbreak of Covid-19.

Information and guidelines

Information and guidelines have been prepared for the economy, for companies and service providers, and for operators in transport.

Particular attention should be given to guidelines for frontline employees, which means all employees who directly interact with customers. The guidelines also cover cleaning operations in workplaces and transport vehicles. Customers are also encouraged to use contactless payment solutions.

It is advised that before holding meetings, it should be evaluated if the meeting is necessary, especially where there are many participants. Video-conferences should be considered when possible. Caution should be taken when it comes to employee travel abroad and the need for travel should be assessed case by case. Travelling of employees to risk-zones should be avoided unless this is deemed necessary.

Suspected Covid-19 infection

If it is suspected that there is a Covid-19 infection within a company, the local health service should be contacted in 1700. When a risk of infection is considered, each employee must:

Inform the next manager if it is suspected that an employee or client is infected with COVID-19.
Prevent infection by frequently washing hands with water and soap and avoiding handshakes and other actions that could increase the risk of transmission.

Take precautionary measures in cafeterias and canteens with no self-service of food and staff using disposable gloves.

It is important for companies to make a plan for uninterrupted business operations to respond to unpredictable situations in the most effective way.

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