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Managers are responsible for informing their employees of the workplace’s response plan and what rules apply to its operation while the COVID-19 precautionary measures remain in effect. The need for meetings must be assessed, particularly if there are many attendees. Such meetings should preferably be held using teleconferencing equipment whenever possible. This also applies to meetings within the company if possible. Care must be taken as regards employee travel overseas. Then ecessity of travel must be assessed each time, and employees should avoid such travel unless it is unavoidable.

It is important that managers encourage their employees to take care of their health and to stay at home if they experience any illness. Employees with underlying illnesses are particularly at risk from the virus and should, therefore, consult with their superior as to the possibility of working from home as much as possible if that is an option.

Suspected COVID-19 infection

In the event of suspected COVID-19 infection in the workplace, healthcare services must contacted in Tel. No. 1700, through a healthcare centre or through
It is important that employees go for a PCR test if they begin to experience symptoms.
If employees have not been in contact with someone infected, employees are not obliged to islolate until a negative test result is obtained. However it is important to be mindful of social distancing and handwashing and to use a mask if it is nessessary to be around others.

COVID-19 infection in the workplace

In the event of an infection in the workplace, the Tracing Team will contact the person infected and, as appropriate, the employer. The Team will enquire about the circumstances in the workplace and the interactions of the infected person with others within the specified quarantine area/unit.
Quarantine duration. A five-day quarantine, ending with a screening test, may be chosen to shorten the 14-day quarantine. The quarantine will not end until a negative result is reached.
Amended rules have been made for quarantine of people with triple vaccination, or a story of COVID-19 infection and two vaccinations. They may attend work but are obliged to wear a mask when in contact with everyone. The obligation to wear a mask also applies even if it is possible to keep a distance of two meters.
Assessment quarantine. If there is any doubt of staff conduct, no risk is taken, and employees are required to undergo an assessment quarantine. This will last until it is clear whether the employee in question has been exposed or not. If exposed, the employee in question will remain quarantined.

Here are instructions on the procedure that is to be employed in a workplace in the event of a COVID-19 infection.

Website of the Directorate of Labour

The website of the Directorate of Labour contains information relating to measures in connection with COVID-19,including reduced employment ratio and payments while in quarantine. Access FAQs relating this information here.

List of information and instructions

Facemasks are useful if used correctly
Disposable gloves and masks
COVID-19 Instructions for Outdoor and Indoor Areas
Instructions for frontline staff –Preventive measures, cleaning and responses to infections in the workplace
Instructions for beauty salons, hair salons, massage parlours, eye clinics and comparable operations as regardsCOVID-19
Guidelines for physiotherapy and similar activities in the COVID-19 pandemic

 Instructions on the continued operation of companies

Instructions for aircraft operators, airports and crews regarding infection prevention measures inairports and on aircraft
Instructions for ports, agents and vessel crews
Instructions for camping grounds, caravan sites, the huts of travel associations, small guesthouses, organised trips and outdoor recreation activities
Information for travel services providers relating to the coronavirus can be found on the website of the Icelandic TouristBoard

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