Pre-register for travel

Labour market

Managers are responsible for informing their employees of the workplace’s response plan and what rules apply to its operation while the COVID-19 precautionary measures remain in effect. The need for meetings must be assessed, particularly if there are many attendees. Such meetings should preferably be held using teleconferencing equipment whenever possible. This also applies to meetings within the company if possible. Care must be taken as regards employee travel overseas. Then ecessity of travel must be assessed each time, and employees should avoid such travel unless it is unavoidable.

It is important that managers encourage their employees to take care of their health and to stay at home if they experience any illness. Employees with underlying illnesses are particularly at risk from the virus and should, therefore, consult with their superior as to the possibility of working from home as much as possible if that is an option.

Although people are only asked to isolate themselves for 5 days due to COVID-19 infection, employers and school administrators are asked to show understanding if people stay at home when such an illness lasts longer.

Suspected COVID-19 infection

In the event of suspected COVID-19 infection in the workplace, healthcare services must contacted in Tel. No. 1700, through a healthcare centre or through
It is important that employees go for a PCR test if they begin to experience symptoms.
If employees have not been in contact with someone infected, employees are not obliged to isolate until a negative test result is obtained. However it is important to be mindful of social distancing and handwashing and to use a mask if it is necessary to be around others.

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