Restrictions in effect during ban on gatherings

Effective restrictions according to advertisements of gatherings with respect to the pandemic is valid as of and including 7 September 2020(00:00) and will remain in effect to 27 September 2020 (23:59). The authorities will reassess the need for such restrictions, i.e. whether they can be lifted early or need to be extended, on the basis of available information. The restrictions extend to all of Iceland.

Main measures that apply:

Limits to the number of people: There is a 200-person limit on the number of adults in a gathering. Children born in 2005 and later are exempt.
General social distancing. The Chief Epidemiologist expects everyone to respect the 1-metre distance rule to the extent possible when interacting with others, particularly as regards unrelated or unconnected parties.
At gatherings, in all workplaces and in all other operations care must be taken to ensure that there are at least 1 metre between individuals who are not closely linked. Facemasks covering the mouth and nose must be used in instances where the 1-metre distance rule between persons cannot be followed. This applies e.g. to public transport,including domestic flights and passenger ferries, and operations such as hair salons and massage parlours. It is important to read the instructions on the use offacemasks.
Social distancing in schools. The same distance rules apply insecondary schools and universities, i.e. 1 metre between persons without usingfacemasks.
Social distancing in sports. Contact is permitted between athletesduring training and competition. The 1-metre social distancing rule, however,must be observed in changing rooms and other areas outside competition andtraining facilities. Others, including trainers, employees and volunteers, mustalso comply with the 1-metre distancing rule. The sports disciplines that arenot subject to ÍSÍ (he National Olympic and Sports Association of Iceland) mustestablish their own rules or follow the same instructions as apply tocomparable sports disciplines within the ÍSÍ.
Social distancing in performing arts,music and filming Contact is permitted during the rehearsal of performing arts and music in the same manner as sports. The same applies when filming.
Social distancing in physical training centres. Restrictions due to particular risk of infection are the same in physical trainingfacilities as in swimming and bathing facilities. The number of guests maynever exceed three quarters (75%) of the number of the permitted maximum numberof guests according to operating permits.

Retail outlets, public buildings and service companiesopen to the public must:

ensure access to disinfectant for the public and employees at entrances and near surfaces touched by large numbers of people, such as touch keypads and cash registers
properly clean and disinfect as often as possible surfaces touched by many people
uses markings and signs to remind the public and employees to employ personal infection prevention methods

Swimming pools and restaurants must ensure that guests can have 1 metre between themselves in allareas by means of limits to the number of people in each area.

Operations that inevitably cause guests to use shared equipment, such as sportsactivities, physical training centres, slot machines and gaming rooms are to discontinue operations or disinfect equipment after each user.

Museums,nightclubs and other public operations are to discontinue operations if not able to ensure that number restrictions are complied with or in cases where the distance between two unrelated persons cannot be ensured.

Night clubs andrestaurants serving alcohol have to close at 23:00.

Violations of infection prevention rules may be fined.

Special provisions relating to violations of the applicablesocial distancing rules.

Special provisions relating to violations of restrictionsto gatherings, quarantine or isolation.

Boarder measures

What is exempt from the ban on gatherings?

The ban ongatherings does not apply to international airports or international ports,aircraft or ships. The most effective disease prevention measures arerecommended, and operators should apply the utmost measures to lessen thepossibility of infection.

When will the ban on gatherings expire?

These restrictions are continuously re-evaluated so that they can be relaxed, ortheir validity extended if necessary.

Easily readable informationon the coronavirus can be found here.
The information was prepared by the NationalAssociation of Persons with Intellectual Disabilities.

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