Trips abroad

Travelling overseas

The residents of Iceland are advised to refrain from travelling to risk areas; at present, this means all countries are defined as risk areas due to COVID-19.

Guidelines for Icelanders travelling abroad have been published. These provide for the use of protective masks, infection prevention measures that everyone must employ, not least overseas, and what must be done when returning back home.

It is extremely important to avoid travel if you have any symptoms of being infected. If travelling, it is important to find out what rules apply in the country to which you are travelling by examining the travel advice of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs.

There are two options on arrival back to Iceland. You can show a certificate of confirmed COVID-19 infection from Iceland and a comparable certificate from countries within EEA/EFTA areas (applicable from 10 December 2020 from countries other than Iceland).

Assistance from the citizens’ services of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs

It is important that persons who find it difficult to leave locations in which they find themselves to contact the citizens’ services by sending an e-mail to or sending a message via Facebook. In emergencies, you can contact the emergency citizens’ service of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs by calling +354 545 0112. Information services are provided at any time (24/7).

Principal information on the rights of travellers as regards COVID-19 may be found on the website of Ferðamálastofa.

Defined risk areas

It is important to know what rules are in effect at any given time as regards defined infection risk areas and the rules that apply to travelling across borders.

The list of countries defined as risk areas is regularly revised.

Travel from Iceland

Icelandic residents are advised to avoid travelling to risk areas

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