Do not pick people
up from the airport
– they are quarantined at least
up until their second testing
Arrivals must take the bus, a taxi
or drive themselves from the airport.

Trips abroad

Travelling overseas

The residents of Iceland are advised to refrain from travelling to risk areas. All countries except for Greenland are currently defined as risk areas due to COVID-19. In the event travel abroad is considered necessary, many countries require a negative COVID-19 test. For some destinations, a PCR test is required, while for others, a rapid antigen test is sufficient.

Testing of asymptomatic individuals for travel abroad

Rapid antigen tests

COVID-19 rapid antigen tests are available in both Reykjavík (Suðurlandsbraut) and Keflavík. Results come through in 15–45 minutes. You pay for your test as soon as you have booked your appointment.

PCR tests

If you are going to travel abroad and need a negative PCR test, you must schedule a test with enough notice in order to get the certificate in time for the trip. Testing and certificates on paper are paid for separately, as this is not part of the infection prevention measures.

Within the Greater Reykjavík Area: You register and pay electronically, and the certificates are sent electronically by e-mail. If you need a certificate on paper with an original stamp, please contact the healthcare centre and pay separately for the certificate there.

Outside the Greater Reykjavík Area: If needed, you must contact the healthcare centre that is responsible for the testing of tourists who do not have symptoms indicative of COVID-19.

It must be stated when the trip is planned so that the timing of the testing can be organised.
The type of certificate required must be specified.  
You can get a certificate in Icelandic or English sent electronically to Heilsuvera or pick up a printed certificate at the healthcare centre.  
Payments are processed when testing is ordered.

The testing itself is the same as other testing for COVID-19.

Testing takes place at Suðurlandsbraut 34, ground floor, and at the healthcare centres in rural areas.
Prospective travellers receive bar codes on their mobile phones, as well as the time of testing.  
In order to be able to follow the infection prevention rules at the testing site, it is recommended to arrive at the specified time.  
Testing is fast and the results are received within 24 hours.
Everyone who is tested receives an automatic answer on My Pages in Heilsuvera.

Asymptomatic individuals who do not need screening due to the rules of the Chief Epidemiologist pay according to the fee list and regulations.

Those who come for additional testing pay for testing and certificates. These are individuals who do not have any symptoms that indicate COVID-19 and need testing for reasons other than due to rules on infection prevention measures within Iceland.

Trips abroad

Guidelines for Icelanders travelling abroad have been published. These provide for the use of protective masks, infection prevention measures that everyone must employ, not least overseas, and what must be done when returning back home.

It is extremely important to avoid travel if you have any symptoms of being infected. If travelling, it is important to find out what rules apply in the country to which you are travelling by examining the travel advice of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs.

For arrival back to Iceland please examine Visiting Iceland.

Assistance from the citizens’ services of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs

Icelanders and residents of Iceland needing assistance to travel home, can submit queries to the Consular Services of the MFA by e-mail at and through  Facebook. Requests are dealt with during office hours.

In emergencies, Icelanders abroad can call the Consular Services 24/7.

Principal information on the rights of travellers as regards COVID-19 may be found on the website of Ferðamálastofa.

Defined risk areas

It is important to know what rules are in effect at any given time as regards defined infection risk areas and the rules that apply to travelling across borders.

The list of countries defined as risk areas is regularly revised.

Travel from Iceland

Icelandic residents are advised to avoid travelling to risk areas

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