Icelandic residents are advised not to travel abroad. The Minister of Justice has announced that travel restrictions that came into effect on March 20 will be extended until 15 June 2020, in accordance with the EU Commission recommendation to the Schengen Member States.  

This decision is made in light of limited availability of flights and measures taken by other states, including border closures and quarantine requirements, which may impact Icelanders abroad.  

The Ministry for Foreign Affairs encourages all Icelandic citizens traveling abroad to register with the Consular Section -

Icelandic residents abroad, whether for work, study or travel, are further advised to check their health insurance and access to health care.

All Icelandic citizens returning to Iceland from abroad are required to undergo 14-day quarantine. As of 24. April, this also applies to all foreign visitors to Iceland along with updated travel restrictions to Iceland.

If you are traveling abroad, especially in areas where COVID-19 has been confirmed, you need to know the following:

Monitor closely travel and other restrictions in the areas you visit and be prepared to adjust your itinerary.
You can register your journey with the Foreign Ministry. Your information will be used to contact you in case of an emergency and will not be used for any other purpose.
Key information regarding travelers’ rights is available from The Icelandic Tourist Board. It is also advisable to contact your insurance company before departure so that you are completely sure of the terms and conditions of any travel insurance that you may have taken out.
Take care of your general hygiene, especially hand washing with soap and water.
Avoid contact with wildlife and animals in public places whilst traveling.

In case of emergency, you can contact the 24-hour emergency service of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on +354 545 0112 or by email:

The Chief Epidemiologist advises against unnecessary travel to areas with a high risk of infection. If you have been to these areas, stay at home in quarantine for 14 days.

If you work in the tourist industry where an infection occurs a special protocol has been put in place.

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