Pre-register for travel

COVID test

If you have symptoms or suspect you have an infection, you can book an appointment for symptoms testing, even if you have been vaccinated. Register for testing at My pages at Heilsuvera or contact us at 513 1700 or at Heilsuvera’s online chat.

Here is information about the opening hours of the healthcare centre of the Greater Reykjavík Area and information about the opening hours of healthcare centres throughout the country.

Symptom testing is always free of charge, for tourists as well. You can check your test status here.

In Iceland, the healthcare centres use PCR and rapid antigen tests to detect COVID-19. Self-tests that can be bought in stores are generally not considered reliable; a positive result from them must be confirmed by the healthcare centre to obtain a certificate of infection.

Asymptomatic individuals going abroad

Information on testing for asymptomatic individuals on their way abroad can be found here. Services for requirements abroad for a negative COVID-19 PCR test are offered by healthcare centres. Rapid antigen tests due to travel are available from private entities. See or

What does it mean that the test result is uncertain (inconclusive)?

An inconclusive result after a PCR test means that the results of the testing did not give a conclusive answer. The virus was not detected, but it is also not possible to confirm with this sample that it is not present. There can be various reasons for this result.

It is necessary to take a new PCR test, but you must wait one day to repeat it. If you take another test too soon, there is a greater risk of getting an inconclusive result again. You will receive a new barcode (INC) the evening of the next day to use the following day.

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