Do not pick people
up from the airport
– they are quarantined at least
up until their second testing
Arrivals must take the bus, a taxi
or drive themselves from the airport.

Testing due to symptoms

Booking a test

Symptom testing:

If you have symptoms or suspect you have an infection, you should be tested even if you have been vaccinated.
Stay at home and register immediately for testing on My Page at Heilsuvera. If you do not have an electronic ID, you can contact, by telephone, your local healthcare centre, Læknavaktin 1700 (the on-call medical hotline) or the Heilsuvera online chat. It is important to follow the isolation instructions until a negative test result is obtained. You should not, under any circumstances, visit your healthcare centre, the LSH Emergency Unit or Læknavaktin if you have symptoms, without calling first and receiving advice.
Symptom testing is always free of charge, for tourists as well.

Testing to complete quarantine / infection prevention

Do not make an appointment if you are registered in quarantine or special precaution; you will automatically be sent a testing invitation, but the quarantine cannot be shortened until the testing on the 7th day from exposure.
If someone in your home has been quarantined, you are free as soon as the person receives a negative result from their testing.
Children in quarantine are sent an invitation for testing. If you are in quarantine with a child, you do not need to go for testing either, unless you choose to or you have symptoms.  

Testing for asymptomatic patients on their way abroad

Information on testing for asymptomatic individuals on their way abroad can be found here.  

Testing on arrival of people with a network in Iceland

People who travel from abroad and have connections with Iceland must register before arriving in Iceland and receive a message with a bar code to use for testing upon arrival.
Here is a list of healthcare centres that offer rapid testing.

Register for antigen test for an event

Unlimited number of people may attend an event, if all attendees present a negative rapid antigen test taken no longer than 48 hours in advance. NB. self-tests are not accepted. Register here for antigen test.

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