Do not pick people
up from the airport
– they are quarantined at least
up until their second testing
Arrivals must take the bus, a taxi
or drive themselves from the airport.

Testing due to symptoms

Get tested if you experience symptoms, even if you are fully vaccinated.

Stay at home and register immediately for testing on My pages (Mínar síður) on Heilsuvera. If you do not have a Digital certificate, you can contact your local healthcare centre by telephone or contact the on call medical hotline 1700 or the Heilsuvera online chat. It is important that you conduct yourself as in isolation until you receive confirmation that you are not infected. You should not, under any circumstances, visit your healthcare centre, the LSH Emergency Unit or the Læknavaktin (out-of-hours medical assistance service) if you have symptoms.

Testing due to symptoms is free of charge, for tourists as well.  

Main COVID-19 symptoms

Sore throat
Difficulty breathing
Bone and muscle aches
Digestive system symptoms (especially in children)
Sudden loss of sense of smell and taste

It is important that you immediately request testing no matter how mild the symptoms seem to be.

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