Groups at risk

The Chief Epidemiologist has issued instructions for people who are at increased risk of serious illness should they get infected with COVID-19.

The instructions refer to:

Elderly people (the likelihood of serious illness increases as you get older)
People with  cardiovascular diseases, high blood pressure, diabetes, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, chronic kidney failure and cancer (including pregnant women and children, as appropriate)

Are children with chronic illnesses at particular risk?

Children of all ages have been infected by the virus, though many infected children were found during searches linked to other incidents and not due to their own illness. There do not appear to be many severe infections among children, although information on disease progression in children is limited as yet.

Are pregnant women at particular risk?

No information has been found to indicate that COVID-19 causes any special risks for pregnant women or the risk of side effects during pregnancy. No specific advice, therefore, is in effect for pregnant women that are generally healthy, only general infection prevention and hygiene measures.

Guidelines for people with disabilities who have personal assistance (NPA or other user agreements), and their personal assistants

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