Events and venues

Gatherings where 20 persons or fewer come together are permitted, both in public and private spaces. This applies to:

Conferences, symposiums, outdoor meetings, etc.
Teaching, lectures and exams.
Entertainment, such as concerts, cultural events, theatrical plays, cinema shows, sports competitions and private events.
Church services, such as weddings, confirmations and other religious events.
Other comparable events.

The restriction does not apply to children born 2005 and later.

Performing arts, music and filming

Limits on the number participating and social distancing in performing arts, music and filming. Physical contact within 1 metre are permitted in performing arts, music, during filming and in comparable operations. Every effort shall be made to uphold the 1-metre (or more if possible) social distancing rule wherever there is risk of infection, such as during choir practices.

Up to 50 persons may be on stage and 100 guests in each area may attend events provided that they sit in numbered seats registered to their name. Guests are to use face masks.

Nightclubs, bars, restaurants and gaming rooms

Limits to operations due to particular risk of infection. Nightclubs, bars and gaming rooms are to be closed. Other restaurants, licensed to sell alcohol, may not remain open after 23:00 every day of the week and are to follow the effective limit on the number of people and social distancing rules. Temporary permits may not be granted for social gatherings, such as dances, bonfires or other events which may be expected to draw crowds after 23:00.

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