Do not pick people
up from the airport
– they are quarantined at least
up until their second testing
Arrivals must take the bus, a taxi
or drive themselves from the airport.

Connecting passengers

Travel restrictions do not apply to other EEA/EFTA-citizens and citizens of Monaco, San Marino, and the Vatican.
Third-country citizens are still not authorized to travel to Iceland unless exemptions apply. Note: As of January 1st2021, UK nationals have the status of third-country nationals.
Only Greenland is considered safe areas but all other countries are risk areas.

Rules at the border are in force from August 16 to October 1, 2021.

Rules on the border

All travellers must pre-register before arriving in Iceland and confirm their departure day, if available.

Provide a certificate of full vaccination, or a certificate of previous infection, at the border. If a certificate is not considered valid, two tests must be taken with a 5-day quarantine in between.

14 days must have elapsed from the second vaccination (or 14 days after the Janssen dose) for a certificate to be valid. If it has been less time since the vaccination, the traveller must be tested once at the border and follow the instructions for quarantine at home until a negative result is received.  

All vaccinated travellers, as well as those with a confirmed previous infection, must present a negative COVID test before boarding an aircraft or ship to Iceland. Both a PCR test and a COVID-19 rapid antigen test are accepted. The test must have been taken within 72 hours before departure on the first leg of the journey. If a vaccination certificate is not presented at the border, there is an ISK 100,000 fine imposed and an obligation to get tested at the border.

Transit passengers who do not have a certificate of previous infection or vaccination against COVID-19 must demonstrate a negative PCR test upon arrival in Iceland. Transit passengers who do not go beyond the respective border-crossing point have to neither quarantine nor undergo testing. Transit passengers who stay in Iceland for less than 48 hours must be quarantined but are excluded from testing on arrival.

Here is a list of accommodations that accommodate guests in quarantine.

Other important information

It is recommended that individuals who are travelling familiarize themselves with the travel advice of the authorities as regards to COVID-19.

In emergencies, Icelanders abroad can call the Consular Services 24/7.

Principal information on the rights of travelers as regards to COVID-19 can be found on the website of Ferðamálastofa.

Please note that violations of quarantine or isolation rules are subject to fines and the involvement of the authorities to prevent violations.

Privacy Statement – Infection Control Measures upon arrival to Iceland.

A quick guide to COVID-19 border measures in Iceland

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