Do not pick people
up from the airport
– they are quarantined at least
up until their second testing
Arrivals must take the bus, a taxi
or drive themselves from the airport.

Children in quarantine

It should be kept in mind that people are in quarantine because it is possible that they have been infected with COVID-19, and the aim is to prevent more people from becoming infected.

The same rules apply to everyone, including children in quarantine. That is:

Stay at home and be in the same place all the time.
Do not go to school or be amongst other people.
Do not receive guests.
Limit contact with other household members, as maturity and age allow.
Go for a test and isolate yourself if you notice any symptoms.

Parents of children in quarantine:

Do not need to be quarantined or tested unless they are also exposed.
May pursue work and/or school outside the home.
Can use a child’s quarantine certificate.
Are exposed if the child is infected and must then quarantine themselves.

It is good to:

Limit the number of family members who interact with the child.
Allow only one person with the child if he or she is not mature enough to be alone.
Keep in mind what will happen at home if the child is diagnosed with COVID-19 during testing.
Inform employers about the child’s quarantine and consult about attendance at work.

Quarantine ends with testing 5 days after the date of exposure. It is not necessary to register the child for testing; an invitation and barcode are automatically sent to the parents’ telephone number, according to the registration by the Tracking Team.

If the child in quarantine (or another member of the household) develops symptoms of COVID-19 infection, he or she should immediately undergo a PCR test and isolate whilst awaiting the results. Members of the same household must immediately quarantineand await test results. If the child is infected, the household must remain in quarantine according to the instructions of the Chief Epidemiologist. The infected person is then in isolation under the supervision of the COVID-19 outpatient department. Therefore, it is advisable to limit contact with people in quarantine as much as possible and have a response plan ready.

Links to useful instructions on the Directorate of Health of Iceland website:

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