Ogólny limit liczebności zgromadzeń to 20 osób


Under new regulations from the Minister of Health, acting on proposals from the Chief Epidemiologist, some relaxations will be made in the measures against Covid-19 applying in schools and universities in the new year. Amongst other things, it will be possible to resume classroom teaching in all upper senior schools, including those operating under a credit-unit system. In the universities, groups of up to 50 students will be able to occupy in the same area, while mixing of groups will remain prohibited. The regulations are intended to remain in force until 28 February 2021, but may be reviewed before then as necessary.

Zakażenia w Islandii
Aktywne zakażenie, test na granicy
Zakażenie z obecnością przeciwciał, test na granicy
Zakażenia niepotwierdzone, test na granicy
Liczba próbek pobranych w Islandii
Liczba próbek, test na granicy
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Liczba osób w kwarantannie
Liczba testów wykonanych w Islandii. Całkowity.
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Liczba osób w izolacji
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Liczba zakażeń w Islandii

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