How does quarantine work?

You need to undergo quarantine when there is a possibility that you have been exposed to COVID-19 infection although you do not experience any symptoms

There is a possibility you have been exposed to COVID-19 infection when you have been in close contact to persons diagnosed with COVID-19.

Other people in your household who also have been exposed to COVID-19 infection can be quarantined in your home at the same time as you. It is important to follow the guidelines on quarantine at home (self-quarantine).

Easy to red information about the corona-virus.

For further information on quarantine, please contact your health care or the web chat at

Those who are quarantined by order of the healthcare authorities can enter their personal information on the website and receive a certificate confirming their quarantine status. The certificates are provided free of charge. It should be noted that in order to register on, the user must have a so-called digital certificate (e-ID).

You can access an educational video on self-quarantine explaining how it works.

When others in your household undergo quarantine and you do not

If anyone in your household has possibly been exposed to COVID-19 infection and undergoes quarantine at home (self-quarantine) and you don’t, you should preferably stay elsewhere, if possible. If you don’t want to leave your home or don’t have the option to do so, you should limit your contact with the person who is quarantined as much as possible.

Quarantine due to COVID-19 last for 14 days from latest possible infection or until the person develops symptoms. If you start to experience symptoms and it is confirmed that you are infected, you need to follow the guidelines on isolation at home (self-isolation).

Quarantine Confirmation / Certificate

Individuals must be registered in quarantine (by health care authorities or the tracking team) in order to be able to receive a quarantine certificate.

Individuals with electronic ID can register themselves in quarantine at (not self-quarantined quarantine). If individuals do not have an electronic ID, they can contact the local health care centre.

Following the quarantine registration, you can apply for the certificate at using the electronic identification. Certificate due to isolation must be obtained from your doctor.

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