How do I receive a notification of vaccination?

If you live or work in Iceland, you have a right to vaccination against COVID-19.

Vaccination is free of charge, and no one is required to be vaccinated.

The vaccines for COVID-19 that are used in Iceland are safe and provide the best possible protection against the disease. The object of the vaccination is to protect individuals from contracting COVID-19. For further information on vaccines, side effects and frequently asked questions.

Vaccination is offered to children aged 12–15 years old, and parents/guardians must give their consent.

An invitation to receive an additional or booster vaccination dose will be sent in an SMS message stating where and when the person should attend. This applies, among other things, to those who received the Janssen vaccine.

Those who have yet to be vaccinated or received Janssen and accept a booster dose.

Within the Greater Reykjavík Area: Individuals with an Icelandic ID number, both a full registration and a system ID number, can attend the opening hours at Suðurlandsbraut 34, and there is no need to register separately. Opening hours at Suðurlandsbraut 34 are Monday to Friday, 10:00–15:00. Children aged 12–15 can also attend but must be accompanied by a parent/guardian. See below for those who do not have an Icelandic ID number.
Outside the Greater Reykjavík Area: You need to contact the health centre; this applies before vaccinating children aged 12–15 as well. See below for those who do not have an Icelandic ID number along with instructions on registering at a healthcare centre.

The vaccination certificate is available on My Pages at one week after the full vaccination has been completed and at your healthcare centre. Vaccination certificates for children (under the age of 16) can be found on the parents’/guardians’ My pages, as well as at their healthcare centre.

If you are not covered by health insurance in Iceland but live or work here, you are still entitled to vaccination

Information on the registration of employees and residents of foreign origin who do not have an Icelandic ID number.
Vaccination for residents who do not have an Icelandic ID number can be requested by:
a) In the Greater Reykjavík Area: send an e-mail to with information about: name, date of birth and year, gender, citizenship, Icelandic mobile number and e-mail address.
b) Outside the Greater Reykjavík Area: contact the local healthcare centre.

If you are covered by health insurance in Iceland:

You can open Heilsuvera with your electronic ID and correct your phone number if needed.
If you do not have an electronic ID, you should contact your healthcare centre and ask them to enter the correct information.

Registering at a healthcare centre:

Outside the Greater Reykjavík Area, you are automatically registered according to your legal domicile.
In the Greater Reykjavik Area, you need to register at a healthcare centre. It is possible to do so in person at the healthcare centre of your choice or at the Réttindagátt Sjúkratrygginga Íslands website (electronic ID required).

Not sure whether you are covered by health insurance in Iceland?  

Health insurance in Iceland is based on legal domicile registration.
6 months after you are fully registered with the National Registry, you are automatically covered by health insurance.
Note that the System ID No. is not sufficient.

Before completing the 6 months from full registration with the National Registry, you must fulfill the following conditions in order to obtain health insurance:

To be from another EEA country and have health insurance there.  Application for health insurance in Iceland.

Electronic ID

You must have an Icelandic ID number (full registration at Registers Iceland, not a  system ID number) and an ID  which shows the ID number.
You must have a smartphone and an Icelandic phone number.  
You must go to the registration location in person and bring your phone and ID to activate an electronic ID

If you need further assistance you can contact the webchat at in Icelandic or English or the Consultancy for Immigrants (New in Iceland) which can assist you in more languages.

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