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Contagion tracing is a community affair

The contract tracing app Rakning C-19 is an important link in the chain of response to COVID-19. The app helps to analyse individuals’ travel and trace their movements against those of other people when cases of infection or suspected infection arise.

The more people who download the app, the more useful the information that can be analysed from it. Rakning C-19 is available for Android and iOS devices and is open to all.

Be a strong link in the chain.

We are all members of Iceland’s civil protection and emergency management team.

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How can I stop saving location data on my phone?

If you delete the app from your phone, it will stop working and no location data will be saved to your phone.

Who has access to my location data?

Location data are saved only on your phone, and no one has access to them there. If the Contact Tracing Team needs your assistance in tracing contagion, they will send you a request and ask you to send them your data. If you agree, your data will be stored for 14 days in the Tracing Team’s database.

How do I know the app is working?

If the app is working, there should be an icon on your phone indicating that location services are enabled.

If you cannot see that icon, it should be enough to open the app once, and location services will be enabled again.

Does the app have to be open in order to work?

The app runs in the background. You do not need to open it specially in order for it to work, and it is safe to use other apps.

On the other hand, it can be good to open it briefly when you leave home, as sometimes the app stops working in the background. This is because battery settings in mobile phones sometimes disable location services in order to save battery power.

How does the app work for you?

When you install the app on your phone, you are asked to enter your telephone number. Then you will receive an SMS text message with a six-number code that you must enter in the app. Once you sign up, your telephone number is entered to the app’s database, which is stored on secure servers hosted by Sensa.

When this is done, a new window will open, and you will be asked whether you wish to give the app access to your phone’s location data. In order for the app to work after being set up, you must allow the app to have access to the location data on your phone at all times.

After the app has been set up, it runs in the background and saves the phone’s location several times per hour. The data are stored only on the phone itself. They are not accessible to anyone. Only data from the past 14 days are stored. Older data are deleted.

If you are diagnosed with COVID-19, the Department of Civil Protection and Emergency Management’s Contact Tracing Team can send you a request through the app, asking you to share your data with them. You agree to this by entering your national ID number and tapping the button on the screen. The ID number you enter is then compared with the ID number to which the request was sent, and data are only forwarded if the two numbers match.

Those who do not have an Icelandic national ID number do not have to enter an ID number.

If you agree, your data will be sent securely to the Contact Tracing Team’s database.

The Team can then use your location data, together with conversations with you, to identify the individuals and places that have potentially been exposed to the virus.

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