The Rakning C-19 app

Infection tracing is a social issue

The C-19 app is an important tool in the comprehensive work carried out here in Iceland with regard to COVID-19 and can be of great assistance to hinder the spread of the virus.

We are all Civil Protection

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How does the app work?

What do I do?

Turn on notifications of possible infections.
Decide if you want to register your phone number for notifications on negative screening results at border points.

What does the app do?

It exchanges random and non-personally identifiable information IDs, keys, with other close mobiles that also have the app.
It regularly uploads identifications from a server regarding information on infections from other users of the app who have been diagnosed with COVID-19.
This data is only saved on your mobile and cannot be accessed by others. Data is only stored for 14 days.

What then?

If you are diagnosed with COVID-19, the tracing team of the Civil Protection Unit may ask you to send the non-personally identifiable ID over to the database of the tracing team.Then others can be warned of possible exposure to infection.
Then others can be warned of possible exposure to infection.
If you receive notification of possible exposure to infection, the app will provide instructions on registration to screening and provide a barcode for testing. There, you will have to register by providing your phone number and filling in the appropriate fields.

Your response to notifications of infection is dependent on your approval. The tracing team does not know who receives a notification and no one knows the origin of the notification.

The more people who download the app, the better, as this makes it more likely that notifications of possible exposure to infection will be seen by those concerned. The app is both for Android and iOS devices and is available to all.

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