Vaccination after a previous COVID-19 infection

June 21, 2021

As the vaccinations of susceptible individuals for COVID-19 are far along, it is time to offer vaccination to those with a history of COVID-19 or antibodies to SARS-CoV-2, to enhance protection against re-infection.

The Janssen vaccine will be used for this group, except for individuals who should receive the Pfizer vaccine due to their young age or pregnancy.

If fewer than 3 months have passed since the confirmed COVID-19 infection, it is recommended to postpone vaccination until after that time.

Infections in Iceland
Active infection, boarder screening
Infection with antibodies, borderscreening
Infections on hold, border screening
Number of samples taken in Iceland
Number of samples, border screening
Number of persons in isolation
Number of persons in quarantine
Number of samples in Iceland. Total.
Number of samples on borders. Total.
Number in isolation
Number of active infections in Iceland since June 15
Number of active infections on borders since June 15
Number of infections in Iceland since the beginning
Number of infections in Iceland

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