COVID-19: Spain removed from the list of countries identified as risk zones

March 31, 2021

The Ministry of Health has decided to remove mainland Spain from the Chief Epidemiologist´s list of countries identifying the countries defined as risk zones due to high notification rates of new COVID-19 infections. This is done in light of the assessment of the Ministry that the definition does not comply with the applicable regulation of the Minister of Health on quarantine, isolation and testing at the borders of Iceland because of COVID-19 even though data is lacking regarding the number of infections in one district of the country. Passengers from mainland Spain shall be subject to quarantine in private accommodation following the amendment and not in a quarantine facility.

Infections in Iceland
Active infection, boarder screening
Infection with antibodies, borderscreening
Infections on hold, border screening
Number of samples taken in Iceland
Number of samples, border screening
Number of persons in isolation
Number of persons in quarantine
Number of samples in Iceland. Total.
Number of samples on borders. Total.
Number in isolation
Number of active infections in Iceland since June 15
Number of active infections on borders since June 15
Number of infections in Iceland since the beginning
Number of infections in Iceland

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