Amended rules on quarantine

January 10, 2022

As previously stated, the amended rules came into force yesterday, regarding quarantine for those who have received a booster dose and are exposed to COVID-19. For emphasis, this applies to everyone who is in quarantine, including those who are in the same place as an infected individual.

It is important to keep in mind that those who do not have to meet the previous conditions of quarantine must nevertheless meet certain conditions (see also below) and take a PCR test on the fifth day from the date of exposure.

Infections in Iceland
Active infection, boarder screening
Infection with antibodies, borderscreening
Infections on hold, border screening
Number of samples taken in Iceland
Number of samples, border screening
Number of persons in isolation
Number of persons in quarantine
Number of samples in Iceland. Total.
Number of samples on borders. Total.
Number in isolation
Number of active infections in Iceland since June 15
Number of active infections on borders since June 15
Number of infections in Iceland since the beginning
Number of infections in Iceland

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